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Chicken Tikka
Tender pieces of chicken marinated in tandoori masala and chargrilled to perfection.
Grilled Lamb Chops
Lightly spiced, succulent and grilled lamb chops
Chicken Shashlik
Tender pieces of chicken accompanied with capsicum, onions and tomatoes
Chicken Wings
Grilled chicken wings infused with a mix of Roomali’s special herbs and spices
Lamb Seekh Kebab
Minced lamb blended with fresh coriander, chillies and herbs
Chicken Seekh Kebab
Minced chicken blended with herbs and spices
Mixed Grill
A selection of some of our appetisers
Whole Chicken
A full grilled chicken
Chicken Malai Boti
Lightly spiced tender chunks of chicken breast, marinated with fresh dairy cream
Chicken Nimbali
Oven baked strips of chicken accompanied with peppers and a sprinkle of cheese
Chilli Chicken Nimbali
Oven baked strips of chicken accompanied with peppers and a sprinkle of cheese
Samosas (Chicken/Lamb)
Light, crispy and deep-fried pastries filled with chicken or lamb. Served with mint sauce
Samosa Chaat
Pastry filled with spiced potatoes and peas with a topping of chickpeas, a drizzle of assorted chutneys and sweet yoghurt
Onion Bhaji
An old time favourite! Flavoured, battered and deep fried onions
Vegetable Spring Rolls
A deep fried light and crispy pastry filled with vegetables and infused with spices
Chana Aloo Chaat
Chickpeas and potatoes marinated in tamarind sauce and Roomali’s special spices
Paneer Tikka
Tender chunks of curd cheese cooked in a clay oven
Bhel Puri
Popular Indian street food - crispy mini puri filled with puffed rice and sev garnished with finely diced onion and tomato then topped with sweet and tangy tamarind sauce
Dahi Puri
crispy mini puri filled with chick peas, diced potatoes and sev topped with sweetened yoghurt
Chicken Liver
fresh chicken liver pieces marinated in our very own spices
Chicken Puri
chicken cooked with tomato, onion, pepper, coriander, served on a puri
Prawn Puri
prawn cooked with tomato, onion, pepper, coriander, served on a puri
Roomali Special Dynamite Prawns
juicy prawns coated in a crispy batter and topped with siracha lime and mayo sauce. Garnished with fresh iceburg lettuce and spring onion
Prawn Tempura
Lightly battered succulent prawns, coated in Japanese breadcrumbs and served with a sweet chilli relish
Tandoori King Prawns
Prawns marinated in our special blend of herbs/spices and cooked in a clay oven
Masala Machi
Fresh fish marinated in a spiced batter and deep fried
Main Course
When ordering, please tell us whether you would like Lamb (Regular - £8.50 or Large - £14.95) or
Chicken (Regular - £7.95 or Large - £13.50) with the following dishes:
For those of you who want to experience a cheeky spice level in their curry. The flavourful rich sauce is definitely one to try
Wanting to test your spice level threshold? You won’t be disappointed with our vindaloo dish
To truly extract the flavours of India, the meat of your choice is stir-fried with onions, tomatoes, chillies and garlic
With the addition of yoghurt and coconut milk, the handi is guaranteed to leave your mouth watering
Garnished with onions, tomatoes, peppers and spices the meat is cooked in its own juices resulting in strong flavours and a thick sauce
Our chef’s favourite dish adds the unique tasting okra to give the dish an elegant twist
Add some spinach in your dish to turn up the flavour to another mind-blowing level
A finger licking stir-fry of chillies infused with peppers, onions, tomatoes and the meat of your choice
Karahi Keema
Prefer minced meat? This succulent lamb dish is cooked using Roomali’s special herbs and spices. You’ll find yourself coming back for more
Chilli Chicken
If you can eat a Vindaloo without breaking sweat you need to elevate a level and attempt this dish
Chicken Korma
The rich and creamy dish has lovingly been created to satisfy the delicate cream
Butter Chicken
Originating from Punjab, our chefs really know how to infuse cashews, almonds and cream with the chicken
Chicken Nuggets or Fish Fingers
Served with chips, salad and fruit shoot
Chef's Specials
Chicken Steak
Served with vegetables, peppercorn sauce and steak cut chips
Salmon Steak
Grilled chunky salmon steak served with grilled vegetables, steak cut chips and tartar sauce
Whole Lamb Leg
Roasted lamb leg served with gravy, fresh green salad and roast potatoes (PRE-ORDER 24 HRS IN ADVANCE)
Roomali Tawa Feast
A selection of our finest, consisting of: tarka daal, chicken karahi, lamb chops, seekh kebabs and chicken tikka served with 2x naan, 2x roti and salad. Served with steak cut chips or rice
Make Your Own Tawa
Choose your own selection of three from any of our main course section (excluding signature dishes)
Chicken Tikka Masala (Reg/Lrg)
Tikka made from fresh cream, onions, coconut powder, cashews and Roomali’s special spices
Kerelan Prawn (Reg/Lrg)
King prawns cooked in tomatoes, coconut and fresh coriander
An old favourite! Lamb trotters cooked to produce a rich, thick gravy
Lamb shank cooked until tender and served in a rich gravy

Roomali Tandoori Mix Masala (Reg/Lrg)
A mixture of chicken tikka, lamb tikka, and king prawn prepared with Roomali’s special spices
Achari Gosht (Reg/Lrg)
Lamb mixed with a blend of mixed pickles and our favourite spices
Achari Chicken (Reg/Lrg)
Chicken mixed with a blend of mixed pickles and our chef’s favourite spices
Karahi Prawns (Reg/Lrg)
King prawns cooked in a rich sauce with Roomali spices
Chicken Tikka & Keema Mix Balti
Tandoor cooked cubes of chicken Tikka and pure lamb leg mince cooked and served Balti style
Gourmet Burger
mince lamb seasoned with onions herbs and spices dressed with iceburg lettuce and fresh tomato. Topped with cheese and relish, served in a toasted bun with fries
Lamb Biryani
Mouth-watering tender pieces of lamb in basmati rice mixed with our special blend of Roomali spices
Chicken Biryani
Tender chunks of chicken in basmati rice mixed with Roomali’s special spices
Prawn Biryani
Succulent king prawns cooked with basmati rice and infused with chef’s own special spices
Vegetable Biryani
A selection of popular vegetables, cooked with basmati rice and Roomali’s special spices
Karahi Vegetable (Reg/Lrg)
A mix of popular vegetables blended with Roomali’s special herbs and spices
Chana Masala (Reg/Lrg)
Chickpeas blended with our special mix of spices
Palak Paneer (Reg/Lrg)
A combination of fresh spinach and curd cheese cooked in a combination of Roomali’s special spices
Tarka Daal (Reg/Lrg)
Lentils cooked in oil and garlic and blended with spices
Butter Paneer Masala
Generous soft chunks of paneer cooked to perfection in a rich and creamy curry
Arabic Salad
Diced cucumber, tomatoes and parsley dressed with olive oil and lemon juice
Green Salad
Made with iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers
Mango Salad
Made with freshly sliced mangoes
A cool mixture of yoghurt, cucumber and tomatoes
Roomali Roti
'Rumal' meaning handkerchief, a thin roti made on a traditional iron wok. Folded to resemble a handkerchief hence the name Roomali Roti
Butter Naan
Tandoori naan brushed with butter
Tandoori Roti
Unleavened bread baked in a clay oven
Garlic Naan
Leavened bread stuffed with garlic
Keema Naan
Beautifully flavoured minced lamb stuffed in a naan
Peshwari Naan
Blended semolina, sugar, almonds and cashews stuffed in a rich naan
Kulcha Naan
Leavened naan baked with onions and coriander
Hand-made leavened naan layered with ghee and fried on a griddle
Jeera Rice
A rice dish flavoured with cumin and flavoured whole spices
Plain Rice
Finest basmati rice boiled to perfection
Pilau Rice
Finest basmati rice flavoured with an assortment of special spices including cardamom, cinnamon and saffron
Egg-Fried Rice
Finest basmati rice fried in a wok with a combination of eggs and vegetables
Chips (Reg/Lrg)
Thin slices of deep-fried potatoes
Masala Chips
Spiced thin slices of deep-fried potatoes
Traditional spiced crispy bread made from ground lentils and fried in oil
Roomali Relish Tray
A selection of chutneys and pickles including mint sauce, mango, coriander, onion and chilli chutneys
The following drinks come in Glasses (£2.75 per glass) and Jugs (£6.50) unless stated otherwise:
Coke/Diet Coke (£2.50 / £5.95)
Lemon & Lime Juice
Mango Lassi
Sweet Lassi
Orange Juice
Orange & Passion Fruit, Apple & Raspberry, Apple & Mango
Masala Tea
Mineral Water Still (1 litre)
Mineral Water Sparkling (1 litre)
All the following Mocktails come in glasses (£3.95 per glass) or jugs (£8.95 per jug)
Roomali Red
Full flavour of delicious strawberries
Pineapple Punch
A cool tropical refreshment to enjoy anytime
Coconut Quencher
The taste of paradise to savour
Summer Fruit Fusion
A delightful mixture of summer fruits
Arctic Breeze
Ice-cold blue citrus refreshment
Pink Lady
An ice-cold blend of tropical fruits
Passion Paradise
An ice-cold blend of tropical fruits
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